We are FiveSe7en Collective

A collective of artists brought together by rapper, producer & satellite radio personality J57 (Brown Bag All Stars/Jamo Gang) to “shake up the game” and create the best music possible.

“I’ve created a collective of people that inspire me,” J57 tells HipHopDX. “Ranging from the new VP of Rock Steady, Miguel’s choreographer, and one of the dopest photographers in the game to rappers, DJs, and producers from around the country … they all bring something to the table that sincerely inspires my art … a collective that reminds me why I create,” he continues.

Since its launch in June 2018, FiveSe7en Collective has dropped over EIGHTY releases from it’s roster of over THIRTY artists. Think of it like a kind of musical Avengers, with J57 playing the role of Nick Fury. “I spoke to them all separately about being a part of this collective, and they were all into it, so I started an email chain with everyone — and they’re all collaborating and creating some monumental stuff together.”

With accolades from some of the most respected media outlets and artists in the game, watch this space for all the latest from J57 and this collective of artists as they continue to break boundaries through 2020 and beyond.