Voltaire CD - J57


Voltaire CD - J57


FiveSe7en Collective presents a physical CD release of J57’s latest ‘Voltaire EP’.. This strictly limited run contains all seven tracks from the original digital release, plus bonus tracks taken from ‘Anti-Social Media’, ‘Sonic Boom Bap’ & more. Available NOW!

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  1. Operation Ivy

  2. Kit Cloudkicker ft. Von Aizen

  3. I Don't Text or Like the Phone (skit)

  4. State of Grace

  5. Neo-Renaissance

  6. No Words ft. Lana Shea


  8. DrumGod

  9. My Resolution ft. Thom Seveer (Prod. LuvJonez)

  10. Same Old Jimmy

  11. Top Floor ft. Toki Wright (Prod. J57 & Big Cats!)

  12. Listening to Axelrod ft. Dirty Science & Sly5thAve

  13. ForeverEndeavour ft. Nichelle of Bulla Fey

  14. Sometimes

  15. Sonic Boom Bap ft. DJ Mark Ski

  16. Anti-Social Media

  17. Ramesses II

  18. INFJ

  19. Alexa, Play Something Original, Timeless & Dope

  20. Scott's Tots